Black Student Union Demands

BSU Demands
  1. We DEMAND a Black/Ethnic Studies Department be created at SRJC.
  1. We DEMAND an Office for Black Student Development starting FALL 2020. This office should have ample funding to increase Black student’s enrollment, retention, completion, graduation, and successful transfer. This office should have a full-time coordinator.
  1. We DEMAND more Faculty and Staff of color. 
  1. We DEMAND the IMMEDIATE Removal of Don Edgar from the Board of Trustees. ANYONE in Leadership, Staff, Faculty, or Administration that has been accused and convicted of Embezzlement, Briberies, Discrimination, Bullying, Stigmatizing, or Harassing be removed from their positions IMMEDIATELY.
The above 4 demands represent our TOP priorities 
  1. We DEMAND scholarships for Black Students.
  1. We DEMAND that the 2020-21 District Police funding be defunded and diverted to Black programs and alternative campus safety programs.  
  1. We DEMAND the hiring of a Black Therapist such as Dianna L Grayer and more full-time culturally competent therapists.
  1. We DEMAND that any Campus Security at BSU events need BSU input and approval.
  1. We DEMAND that Dr. Chong come to our BSU meeting once a semester to keep us posted on the progress of our DEMANDS.
  1. We DEMAND the IMMEDIATE DISARMING of District Police.
  1. We DEMAND the creation and enforcement of a Comprehensive Racial Awareness and Inclusion Curriculum throughout all campuses, departments, and units that is mandatory for ALL Students, Faculty, Staff, and Administration. This curriculum must be VETTED, MAINTAINED, and OVERSEEN by a board comprised of students, culturally competent staff, and faculty. 
  1. We DEMAND all Staff, Faculty, and Administration (including the Board of Trustees) be required to participate in ongoing professional learning around anti-racism during orientation and then every (2 years) there-after. That SRJC Trains Faculty who are not yet prepared to be involved in such courses to be able to do so.
  1. WE DEMAND there be no retaliation—including but not limited to: loss of jobs, threats, reprimand, change of job duties—against THE FACULTY, STAFF, AND ADMINISTRATORS THAT SUPPORT BLACK STUDENT UNION STUDENTS and these demands.
  1. We DEMAND the population of Black Students and Black Faculty at SRJC increase to match or exceed the national percentage of Black people in the country.  
  1. We DEMAND FREE tuition for Black and Indigenous students. 
  1. We DEMAND that 2020 Summer Classes not have due dates or deadlines as a way to increase retention and respond to the pandemic in an equity-minded way.
  1. We DEMAND SRJC Create a Strategic Plan that will increase retention rates for marginalized students, sustain Diversity Curriculum, Training, and Promote a more Safe and Inclusive campus. This should include a plan to have ALL Students educated to live, think, and work cross-culturally and promote Diversity and Inclusion.